Devon Wick Candle Co. Limited Candy Cane Soy Wax Candle

Candy Cane Soy Wax Candle

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This festive scent will transport you back to your favourite Christmas time memories whether that be around the Christmas tree or out in the snow. With strong notes of Cool mint this scent is fresh whilst also being sweet and slightly fruity.

When burned correctly our Devon Wick Candles can last for up to 30-50 hours!

When melting candles stick to these few rules to make the most out of your candle!

When lilting your candle allow it to make a full melt pool. Meaning the wax has fully melted from one side of the candle to the other! When burning your candle for the first time it can take about three hours. Every time you use your candle you should allow it to make a full melt pool, this ensures the candle doesn't begin to tunnel which can shorten the life of your candle dramatically.

Wick maintenance is key for perfect burning. Trim the wick to between 5-6mm before each burn. This ensures it will burn evenly!

When bring your candle only use until it creates a full melt pool. Once a melt pool is created blow out your candle. Burning a candle for more than 3 hours at time will shorten the life of you candle as it will make the vessel too hot causing the candle to melt quicker!